QlikView Server

QlikView Server provides the benefit of cost-effective, Web-centric distribution of analytical applications and related data to end-users while maintaining centralized control over access and security.

Efficient, Web-based Access to QlikView Applications

QlikView Server uses Microsoft® Windows®'s IIS Web server platform to make QlikView-based applications available to end-users across corporate intranets, and over extranets and the Internet. End-users access the QlikView applications using either the thin Windows Client included in QlikView Professional, Analyzer+ and Analyzer, or via their regular Web browser.

Key QlikView Server features include:

Enterprise-wide access to QlikView applications over the Web
Centralized control of applications, data reloads, data access, and security
Support for a range of thin client choices, including QlikView Enterprise,Professional, Analyzer+, and Analyzer
Rapid set-up and deployment
Scalable architecture suitable for any enterprise
Cost effective administration and maintenance

Enabling Powerful Analysis Across the Enterprise

QlikView Server allows an enterprise to fully leverage the power of QlikView by placing analysis in the hands of front-line decision makers to provide instant answers to even the most complex queries. QlikView Server provides instant answers to even the most complex queries. QlikView Server provides executives and managers at every level of the organization with access to powerful, yet easy-to-use analytics applications to support their long-term and day-to-day decision making in a familiar, Windows-based environment.